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The winter season has quickly faded away and spring is blooming! With the temperature quickly rising we’re all preparing to the hot summer days of Florida. However, one thing that tends to be over looked and forgotten about is your car. Our Orlando Toyota Service Center wants to remind you of the importance of properly maintaining your car. We want to get you ready for the warm spring days that eventually lead to those HOT Florida summer days.

Spring auto service tips from our Orlando Toyota Service Technicians!

As Floridians, we’re not used to cold winter days. So we hibernate! Keep ourselves cozy and warm throughout the cold period. However, once that’s over with we have to brush ourselves off and spring into springtime. Help your car brush it self off in order to be prepared for these scorching hot summer days. Our Orlando Toyota Service Department is here to help you get your car ready! Check out these tips from our Toyota Techs.

Oil and fluids

The oil is what keeps your car’s engine functioning smoothly and efficiently. You should get your oil replaced around every 5,000 miles. Avoiding an oil change causes the car to work harder then it needs too. This can eventually lead to worse engine problems.

Oil isn’t the only fluid in your car. There are multiple other fluids that are highly important for safety and function. Such as the coolant, brake fluid, and transmission fluid. Visit our Toyota Service Center in Orlando to have your oil changed and your fluids replenished to ensure you have a properly working ride.

Get your car in tip-top shape for springtime at our Orlando auto service center!


There are many moving parts in your brake system. It doesn’t have to be fixed or replaced regularly. However, over time it does become worn and torn. That’s why when you visit our Orlando Toyota Service Department you should have our technicians check your brake pads and system to ensure everything is in proper working condition.


Without your tires you’d get nowhere! It’s important to keep them in shape and in working condition. Believe it or not the temperature makes big impact on your tire. That’s why you should regularly monitor them to make sure it’s at its proper pressure. However, you should also have our Toyota Service Technicians check for thread depth, alignment, and if it needs rotation every 5,000 miles.


Did you know that batteries only have a lifespan of about 2-3 years? That’s right! If you’re nearing that time period you should have our Orlando auto service test out the battery’s charge. Our auto center can check if it still has enough power to keep you going, if it needs a recharge, or if it’s time to replace.


Wipers tend to be the last thing to maintain in a car. However, they are VERY important! That’s because they clear out your windshield and creates crisp clear visibility. Get your wipers replaced and ready for the pollen filled spring.

If you want to have your car in shape and ready for the springtime, visit our Orlando Toyota Service Center at 3575 Vineland Road.

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