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The only ice we think about here in Central Florida is iced tea and frozen icees! However, drivers up north are thinking about ice every time they get behind the wheel this time of year. If you’re thinking about passing the Florida-Georgia line this winter, make sure that you brush up on helpful tips for safe driving on ice!

Conquer driving on ice with helpful tips

So you’ve been planning an epic road trip to take your family to see Grandma for Christmas, or to catch some snowfall this winter. However, if you’re planning on going where winter is the real deal, it’s crucial that you’re prepared for driving on ice and slippery conditions. Part of preparing for treacherous territory is knowing where you’ll encounter ice.

You’re more than likely going to encounter “black ice”, which is hard to drive on and even harder to see. Fortunately, black ice often resides in places where it won’t be melted by sun or heat. This is fortunate because it’s easier to predict where black ice may be while you’re driving. If you’re behind the wheel of your Orlando Toyota use caution in shaded areas, under overpasses, at the mouths of tunnels, and on roads that aren’t often traveled.

Handle your Orlando Toyota with care

When you’re on the road and you encounter ice, it’s important that you remember what you should do and what you should NOT do, including:



  • Avoid sudden braking. If you must slow down, remove your foot from the accelerator and allow your car to slow naturally. Remember to use defensive driving and leave enough space between your Orlando Toyota and the car in front of you so you have plenty of reaction time in case you need to stop.
  • Drive slow. Keep your speed reduced when driving on ice. The faster you drive the less traction your tires are able to keep with the ground. Speeding can lead to the loss of control.
  • Do NOT take quick turns. Ease into turns, taking them slowly and gently. Don’t forget to signal when you’re turning so other drivers have notice to start slowing down as well.
  • Avoid stopping on hills. Allow your car to keep the traction it has by continuing to climb up the hill.

  • If you do lose control while driving on ice, the first thing to remember is to stay calm. Panicking can make a situation even more dangerous. With a calm and clear mind, focus on regaining control of your Orlando Toyota. Do NOT slam on the brake pedal – this will only cause your car to spin out more. Instead, allow your car to slow down by taking your foot off of the gas pedal. Attempt to straighten out your car by straightening the steering wheel. Do your best to avoid hitting any other cars or objects.

    For more tips on handling driving on ice, you can visit our new Toyota dealership in Orlando! Our safety experts can help keep you protected on wintery roads. We’re located at 3575 Vineland Road, just off of I-4!




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