Prep and service your truck to move!

It’s now one of the busiest times of the year to move! So if you’re getting ready for a big move, you probably have a lot on your plate.  Besides packing up your place and cleaning, you also have to find a mode of transportation for your furniture and things. Do you plan on using your pickup truck for the big move? If you are, our Orlando auto service team wants to help you prepare for it with these tips! 

Moving prep tips from our Orlando auto service team! 

In order to load your cargo onto to the truck, you must ensure that it’s ready to take on the heavy load. One way to ensure that the truck is in shape to keep your belongings safe and secure is by visiting our auto service center in Orlando. Have our highly trained technicians check your truck from bumper-to-bumper. Some of the things to have maintenanced are:

  • Oil – To ensure that your engine can haul the heavy load, have fresh motor oil in the engine. 
  • Fluids – Have your fluids topped off, including the coolant! With such a heavy load, you don’t want the car to overheat. The coolant will help keep the levels down. 
  • Tires – Check the tire alignment, rotation, pressure, and more! The tires carry the weight and face various different terrains. Make sure they’re in good and safe shape for your move. 
  • Battery – The last thing you want is to have your car die because of your batter during your move! Make sure it’s fully charged. If not, get it replaced in time for the move. 
  • Headlights – Are you moving at night? Make sure you have clear visibility while on the road! Check your bulbs and maybe get headlights restoration to brighten the way to your new place. 

Packing 101 with our Orlando Toyota service department! 


Now that your truck is in tip-top shape you’re ready to pack it up and head out! In order to ensure that you’re safely securing your cargo onto the truck, we want to share these tips with you: 




  • Heavy load – Place heavy loads as further up front as possible! You don’t want to the truck to misplace balance by having the heavy load at the end.
  • Fragile and valuables – Keep your valuables and fragile items inside the cabin of the truck. This way it is safely kept and can be locked up. Don’t run the risk of losing valuables! 
  • Securing the cargo – Once everything is on the bed of the truck, place a tarp over your things to keep it protected from the weather. Then use appropriate straps to mark an “x” on the cargo to safely strap it down. 


When moving using your truck, make sure to check the truck’s payload capacity! Stay within the limits within of your truck’s capabilities. Putting more weight than your truck can handle can be tricky and can severely damage the frame of your car. 

If you’d like to schedule an appointment at our Orlando auto service center to prep for your move call (866) 945-0493! 

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