Our Toyota Service Team in Orlando shares winter car hacks!

It’s December and winter will soon be here! Although Central Florida doesn’t get very cold, it does drop a few degrees. December is also a popular month to vacation! If you’re planning on heading out of Florida and into colder weather you should prep your car! Not to worry our Toyota Service Center in Orlando wants to share some auto service tips and hacks to get you through the cold weather! Avoid getting stuck this winter and get your car winter prepped at our Toyota Service Center in Orlando! 

Prep your car for the winter cold at our Toyota Service Center in Orlando! 

Don’t get distracted by the holiday spirit and forget to bring your car to get auto serviced. You don’t want to get stuck during your holiday festivities with a problematic car! Before you begin your celebrations and travels, head to our auto service center for a quick tune up. Have one of our certified Toyota Service technicians in Orlando inspect your car for the following:

  • Tires – Check the tire pressure and thread depth! You should check it at least once a month. However, when the temperature drops, so does the pressure. A pound of air drops every time 10 degrees drop! You should also check the thread count. The thread helps keep traction while driving. If the thread depth is low it can be dangerous and it may be slippery driving in wet conditions. 
  • Battery – If your battery isn’t fully charged it may freeze when the temperature drops! Bring it to our Orlando Toyota Service Department to test it. Our technicians will help you determine if it needs to be replaced. 
  • Oil – The oil is what keeps your car functioning smoothly! Overtime the oil becomes contaminated and sticky! This can damage the engine and become a costly fix! Get your oil changed before hitting the road. You can schedule an appointment to get you out of here in no time! 

Our Orlando Toyota Service Center shares winter car hacks! 

We, Floridians aren’t used to cold weather. That’s why our Toyota Service Technicians in Orlando have gathered a few tricks and hacks to keep your car in shape during snowy conditions. Once your car is serviced and done make sure to prep with these tips: 

  • Prevent icy windshield wipers – Lift and place socks over the windshield wipers to prevent them from freezing on the window! 
  • Frozen door handles – Squirt hand sanitizer on the frozen door handles to quickly melt away the ice. 
  • Prevent frozen side mirrors – Wrap the side mirrors with a plastic bag and rubber band. You won’t have to scrape the ice off! 
  • Foggy windshield – Got a foggy window? Use shaving cream or a sock filled with cat litter to get rid of it. You can spray the inside of the car with shaving cream and wipe it away with a cloth. You can also use the sock filled with cat litter to wipe away the moisture on the inside. 

Remember to always have an emergency kit in your car in case you get stuck or have car issues! Now don’t forget to schedule your next service appointment at (866) 945-0493. 

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