Get help from our Toyota Service Center when your car breaks down!

There are many things you learn from when your car suddenly breaks down on you in the middle of the street. However, as drivers, we don’t think about the steps we need to take until they’re necessary. However, our Orlando Toyota service techs want you to be prepared for any unpredicted occasion you may find yourself in. That’s why we’re sharing safety steps on what to do if you’re stuck on the side of the road with a problematic car. Be safe in unexpected circumstances and follow this guide from our Toyota techs! 

Prep for car break down with the help from our Orlando Toyota service techs! 

One thing to always remember is to try to stay calm to best assess the situation! Our Orlando Toyota Service team wants to you to properly address the car break down to avoid having any other problems.

Pull over 

Find the closest and safest location for you to pull over! Our Orlando Toyota service techs recommend a clear space, an area away from oncoming traffic! If possible, exit on to a grass on even a parking lot near by. It’s important that you get yourself to a safe area before you get out to see what’s the problem. 

Turn on your hazards 

Once you have found a safe area, turn on your hazard or emergency lights. This allows other drivers to know that you’re having issues and will steer away from you. Our Orlando Toyota service team recommends staying in the car for safety. However, if your car is on fire, evacuate the car immediately and go the furthest and safest place possible! If not place your car in park and stay inside for safety. 

Determine the problem 

If you’re able park your car in a safe area, then you can get out and determine what is causing your car to break down. If it’s a tire blow out and you have a spare, you can attempt at changing it yourself. However, if it’s something under the hood that you’re unfamiliar with our Orlando Toyota Service Techs recommend getting help! 

Call for help 

Once you’ve figured out the issue and determined that you can’t fix it on your own, call for help! Depending on the issue, you shouldn’t drive the car! It can become worse and turn into a heftier auto service bill. Be patient when calling for a tow truck, as it takes some time to arrive to your destination. Once it does arrive take your car to an auto service to ensure you car is back in top-notch shape.

Get reliable auto service at Toyota of Orlando! 

If you want to get reliable and affordable auto service, bring your car to our Toyota Service Center! We have highly trained technicians that cannot only fix your car in no time, but they can also inspect your car to ensure everything is in good shape! We’re open seven days a week during convenient hours! Visit us at 3575 Vineland Road or call ahead at (866) 945 – 0493. 

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