Top performance features in a new Orlando Toyota!

So you’re in the market for a new Orlando Toyota? Let our team at our dealership help you make the process easier. First determine what’re your needs and budget. Figuring out what you most want in a new car is important to help determine what car to get into. If performance is what matters to you then stick around. We want to help you determine which is the best Orlando Toyota for you. We’re going to go over some of the most common performance features to make your deciding process easier. Check it out! 

What kind of performance do you want in your Orlando Toyota ride! 

We have gone over some of the most popular performance features in our new Toyota cars so you can see for yourself which ones you want in your next new ride: 

All-wheel drive (AWD): If you often drive in wet roads or icy conditions having an all-wheel drive Orlando Toyota might be beneficial to you! All-wheel drive splits the power from front and rear axles and applies the right amount of power at each wheel to give you maximum traction at all times. 

Four-wheel drive (4WD): Are you adventurous? Do you go off-roading? If the answer is yes, you should consider getting a 4WD. The four-wheel drive, when turned on, splits the power between the front and rear wheels. This ensures all wheels spin with force at the same time. This is ideal for off-roading. 

Front-wheel vs. rear-wheel drive: If the 4WD or the AWD aren’t for you than the front-wheel or the rear-wheel drive will be. They’re both very different elements. The front-wheel drive offers better traction on slippery conditions. The rear-wheel drive offers sports car performance. What kind of performance do you want in your Orlando Toyota? 

Towing: If towing is must, you’re probably going to need one of our more powerful Orlando Toyota rides. However, we have a wide variety of cars that can tow. Determine how many pounds you’ll need to tow. This will help you decide how much horsepower, torque and towing capabilities to look for in a Toyota SUV or truck. 

Automatic vs. manual: What kind of transmission do you want to drive in? If you want the ease of swift driving you might choose the automatic transmission. If you’re a passionate driver and want to feel the power of the car you might want to go with a manual transmission. However, the only way to truly determine it is with a test drive! 

Cruise control: Cruise control has become a common feature in many new cars. It might not be a feature you truly desire but it can be highly convenient. When you take your new Toyota on a test drive make sure to ask how to use the cruise control. Take advantage of a feature that’s built in your car. 

Get top-notch performance features in your new Toyota! 

Visit our Toyota dealership to find the best Orlando Toyota for you! Take it for a test drive at Toyota of Orlando at 3575 Vineland Road!

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