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Are you a proud parent of little ones? Then you’re well aware of how a family car can be, fun and exciting! However, it can also get pretty hectic and messy. We especially notice it when we have to use the car with other guests. Did you know that there are some easy hacks that you can take advantage of to make your car clean, organized, and still kid-friendly? Our Orlando Toyota dealership has some pretty fun and easy hacks you can use to improve your ride. See it for yourself! 

Keep your car kid-friendly with these Orlando Toyota hacks! 

As a parent, what are some of the things that are hard to upkeep inside your new Orlando Toyota? Let’s make a list and see what hacks we have to tackle these kid obstacles. 



  • Crumbs 
  • Spills 
  • Toys overload 
  • Trash 

  • And more!

    Get rid of crumbs and sticky spills with these Orlando Toyota tips! 

    Alright, our Orlando Toyota team wants to tackle each one with easy hacks. Check it out and see which one you’ll integrate into your family car. 


    Are you tired of seating on Cheerios and crumbled cookies? We have a couple easy solutions for you! When you visit our Orlando Toyota dealership stop by the parts store and invest in seat covers. Not only are they stylish, they’re also easy to remove and clean. Another trick is using fitted sheets! This way you can remove it and just throw it in the wash. Not only will this keep the crumbs away, it’ll also help protect the interior of your car. 


    Even though your little one might be using a sippy cup, your cup holders can get filled with crumbs and sticky spills! To avoid the struggle that it is to clean inside the cup holders, use silicone cupcake liners in them! This way all you’ll have to do to clean them is either swap it out or pull it out to wipe. You’ll never have sticky cup holders again! 

    Toys overload 

    Are you tired of trying to organize the toys that live in the back seat of your car? Our Orlando Toyota has the ideal solution for it! Invest in an over-the-door shoe organizer! We know it may sound a bit odd but it provides you with ample places to store all the action figures, dolls, and even some supplies! Not to mention it’s easy for your little ones to reach into to grab their favorite and then put it away. 


    One thing that’s hard to maintain is the trash built up! However, we have figured out a fun way to keep it in check. You probably have one of those plastic cereal containers at home; now get one for your car! Pop open the top, stick a plastic bag inside, snap the top back on it, and DONE! Now when your kids are ready throw something out all they have to do is pop the lid and drop it in. Once it’s full all you have to replace in the bag. 

    If you have any more questions regarding family-friendly rides call us at (888) 725-3520!

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