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One key responsibility to being a good car owner is understanding the moving parts in your car and what you can do to keep them in shape. You don’t have to know how to do an oil change, but you must know that your vehicle needs routine visits to our auto service center in Orlando to get it done. However, that’s not all! There are various other components that need regular car maintenance, such as your car brake system. Without a properly working or functioning brake system you can face brake problems and even brake failure! So keep everything intact by visiting our auto service department in Orlando

Keep your brakes in check at our auto service center in Orlando! 

There are times that we step on our brake pads and hold on, as we expect the car to come to a complete stop. However, if you don’t regularly service your vehicle at our Orlando Toyota service center, then you’re running the risk of having a faulty brake system. That’s because there are some many moving parts within a car brake system at you must take care of it. Since you may be unfamiliar with the car’s brake system, our team at our Toyota service center in Orlando wants to explain it to you. 

Let’s start by knowing what the moving parts are in your car’s brake system. Most drivers are familiar with the brake pedal and brake pad. Those are just two! There are so many others, we want to name just a few and explain to you how they work: 


  • Brake fluid and reservoir – The brake fluid is what applies pressure through the system to make the brakes work. It’s stored in the reservoir. 
  • Master cylinder – The reservoir is located inside the master cylinder. Once you step on the brake pedal and activate the brake system, the master cylinder pump and release the brake fluid out of the reservoir and out to the rest of the system. 
  • Brake lines and hoses – The lines and hoses are what transmit the brake fluid from the master cylinder to the chassis and wheels. 
  • Brake caliper and piston – The brake caliper is what holds in place the rotor, piston, and pads together. The piston is a round rod that once activated by the brake calipers, presses the pads onto the rotor. 
  • Brake rotors and pads – The rotor is the steel wheel that keeps your wheels in motion. Once the calipers activate the piston, the brake pad is then pressed up against rotor to create friction and come to a complete stop. 

  • Due to all these moving parts in your vehicle, it’s important to keep it in shape! When you visit our Orlando Toyota service department our expert technicians can inspect your vehicle from bumper to bumper to ensure it’s in shape and not worn out. 

    Get your car brake system repaired at our auto service center

    If you’d like to schedule an appointment with our auto service team in Orlando, call us at (866) 945 – 0493 or visit our center at 3575 Vineland Road. 

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