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When you make a big investment in a new ride you want to make sure that it’s a reliable and safe one. Unfortunately, there are plenty of dishonest out there that’ll try to trick you into signing on the dotted line for a car that’s unreliable. At our Orlando used car dealership; our top priority is to find the ideal car for you at a good price and reliable shape. So in order to ensure you’re getting into a good car we have made a list of things for you to look for when shopping for a used car in Orlando

What should you look for before you buy a used car in Orlando! 

Finding the right used vehicle for you can be a lot of work! You must do a lot of research and put time into it before buying it. Not to mention, you should see it and inspect the car before making your final decision. When you get the chance to take this used car in Orlando out for a spin check the following out: 

  • Smell – when you first turn on the car notice any smells that may be coming from the car (even if it’s sweet). Scents can mean many different things going on under the hood of the Orlando used car. Sniff it out to make sure nothing is wrong. 
  • Upholstery – Check the interior of the car thoroughly! Check the seats, floors, and celling. Make sure there aren’t any stains, damages, patches, or loose pieces. If you find anything request information as to why and see if you can negotiate repairs in the price. 
  • Body – When you look at the exterior of the car take a close look all around! Look at the paint job for any dents, scratches, or patches. If you see that there has been a paint job, find out why. You want to make sure they’re hiding any accident damage or rust under the paint. Don’t forget to inspect the under body of the car as well! 
  • Tires – Tires are easy to wear off, but they can be a pretty expensive replacement. Check that the tires are in good shape and that all thread count is evenly dispersed. If you see any bulges or if the tires are too bald you should request tire maintenance. Or else know that you’ll be making a visit to the service center really soon for new ones. 

  • Get into a reliable ride at our preowned car dealership in Orlando! 

    Now if you want to find a reliable, affordable, and safe place to buy your new ride visit our dealership today. When you visit us you’ll find that we have a wide selection of used car makes and models! You can test drive any of your liking. You’ll also have a greater peace of mind because we fully inspect each car before putting it on the lot and we provide you with a free Carfax report so you know the history the car has had. We also want to make the process as easy and as stress free as possible! That’s why we take care of all the paperwork and title transfers. 

    Come check out our selection of cars at our used car dealership in Orlando located at 16851 State Road 50! 

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