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Does that pesky tire pressure light keep coming on in your car? It seems like you just filled up your tire two days ago – probably because you did! If you’re having trouble keeping air in one or more of your tires, you could be faced with a leaking car tire. This can happen with new or worn car tires, so it’s important to check it out if you’re faced with the low tire pressure light.

Checking for a car tire leak

A lot of people are quick to chalk a low tire pressure light up to cold weather or parked at angles. However, it’s important to not ignore a tire pressure light – especially if it happens often. If you suspect a leak in your car tire, there a several ways to check.



  • Run your hand along the tire, feeling for any air against your palm. Look for any holes, cuts, or debris in the tire.
  • Listen closely for any pressurized air escaping from your tires. This sounds like a quiet hiss.
  • Spray the tire with a mixture of soap and water. Any patch of bubbles on the tire is an indication of air escaping.

  • If you’re unable to find the leak, or you just want to leave it to the professionals, bring it to our Toyota Service Center in Orlando! Our automotive technicians will be able to find the location of the leak or any debris.

    Orlando car tire repairs

    Identifying a leak early on is a good thing. If you’re able to find the leak before it causes a lot of damage, there is a good chance you’ll be able to repair the tire. Orlando car tire repairs are a fraction of the cost of a new car tire replacement! When it comes to auto repairs for your car tires, there are two main methods: plug and patch.

    Plug versus patch has been the argument of the century for auto mechanics. While one is more cost effective, the other is sturdier and more reliable. A plug repair is inserted into the hole or cut where the leak is, and expands to fill up the void. This is a quick and cheap fix if you are in a bind. However, using a patch repair will last you longer and is safer to drive on. A patch is placed on the INSIDE of the tire, and is attached with a strong adhesive. The patch completely seals the leak and will last until the tire has worn out.

    No matter how you want your leaking car tire fixed, it’s important that it’s fixed! Driving on a car tire with a slow leak can be bad for your tires and even dangerous! Low tire pressure can cause uneven wear, which shortens the life of the tires. Low tire pressure can also lead to a flat or a blowout!

    Stop the leak with help from our Orlando Toyota Service Center! We’re located at 16851 State Road 50, between the Florida Turnpike and Highway 27!

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