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Whether you’re taking a family trip to see fall leaves or following your favorite football team to their next game, going on a road trip is fun! You get to experience new things and make lots of new memories. However, to ensure you have a successful road trip with your family and friends, it’s crucial that you make proper preparations and you use safe driving practices. Nothing ruins a great getaway like a break down or fender bender!

Prep tips for your next road trip

If you’re taking the kids up north for a chance to see autumn leaves and experience fall weather, the first step is to make sure your Clermont Toyota is prepped! For a road trip with kids, necessities include:
  • Car seats – make sure every child is buckled up in the proper size car seat, and the car seat is safely installed.
  • First aid kit – you never know if a scraped knee could happen at the next rest stop! Keep a first aid kit handy with disinfectant spray and Band-Aids!
  • Snacks – the last thing you want is a cranky kid in the car for hours! Pack plenty of snacks that are easy to eat and no mess. Don’t forget juice or bottled water to wash it down!
  • Wipes and napkins – for any messes or spills, clean it up quickly with wipes that are easily accessible.

  • Once your ride is ready for the kids, make sure you’ve got it packed safely and strategically! Car packing techniques apply to everyone – not just those traveling with tots. Toyota of Clermont has tips on how to pack a car, like:

  • Keep heavy items on the bottom. Prevent smaller and more fragile items from getting squished or damaged.
  • Don’t stack luggage and belongings too high. Make sure you can still see out of your rear windshield!
  • Leave items you may need on top. If you’re stopping overnight, keep an overnight bag in a place that’s easily accessible, rather than digging for it at the bottom of all your stuff.

  • Now that your Clermont Toyota is packed and everyone is buckle in safely, it’s time to hit the open road! While out on the road, don’t forget to use defensive driving techniques to keep you and your passengers safe.

    Defensive Driving Tip #1: Always leave space between your Clermont Toyota and the cars in front of you. Allow yourself more reaction time by leaving following space.

    Defensive Driving Tip #2: Eliminate distractions. Keep your cell phone out of reach and out of sight so you’re not tempted to distract yourself while driving.

    Defensive Driving Tip #3: Pay attention to your surroundings. Keep an eye out for any drivers who are being reckless, road debris, animals on the side of the road, etc. It’s important that you stay alert and aware while behind the wheel

    If you face rain or fog while on your road trip, don’t forget to use your headlights and windshield wipers! Make sure you can see clearly and other drivers are able to see you!

    For more tips on how to stay safe on your road trip, call Toyota of Clermont at (888) 590-6090!

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