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Getting stuck in severe weather when you’re behind the wheel is pretty nerve-wracking – and unfortunately, all too common with our summer thunderstorms. However, if you proactively prepare for severe weather, it makes all the difference when you’re in the driver’s seat. Today, we’re talking about a handful of common severe weather emergencies that you may face when you’re out on the road. Check out our Orlando Toyota tips for driving in bad weather and how you can make your experience a lot safer and lot less stressful!

Know how to handle severe weather when behind the wheel

Emergency #1: High winds. Driving in high winds can be an extremely dangerous and frightening experience. However, there are steps you can take to stay safer. Our Orlando Toyota tips include dropping your speed, for starters – it’ll make your car more maneuverable if you need to dodge out of the way of flying debris or another car that’s been blown into your lane. You’ll also want to avoid distracted driving and keep both hands on the wheel, and also try to stay away from semi trucks and any other large vehicles that have a lot of surface area. They’re more likely to be pushed around in strong wind gusts. 

Emergency #2: Hydroplaning. Hydroplaning occurs when you’re driving and suddenly a thin layer of water forms in between your car’s tires and the road. As you can imagine, you lose traction suddenly and completely, leaving you in a perilous situation. Don’t slam on your brakes, although it’s tempting to. Instead, remove your food from the gas and steer your car in the direction you want to go. If you’re sliding, use your horn to alert other motorists. Once you’ve slowed enough to regain control, gently apply your brakes to bring your car to a stop.

Use our Orlando Toyota tips to stay safe

Emergency #3: Water in the road. Driving through water is tempting when it’s the most direct route, but it’s not a smart idea. Our only Orlando Toyota tip for this situation is don’t do it. You never know how deep water is, and deep water can damage your car, flood the interior, and mess up the electrical system. It’s not worth the time saved when you end up with a huge repair bill! Drive around the water or try to find an alternate way to your destination.

Emergency #4: Tornado. Tornadoes are terrifying and while they’re not that common here in Florida, they do happen when the conditions are right. Our Orlando Toyota tips for this severe weather situation are simple: if the tornado is far away, find the nearest shelter you can (like a restaurant, gas station, or rest stop). If the tornado is near, get away for your car. Hunker down in a low spot or ditch. You should NEVER hide under an overpass in a tornado – the winds are actually higher under there.

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