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There are probably some times where you are in such a rush to get somewhere, you leave something in the car by accident. This usually causes no problems when the weather is cooler. But now that it’s hot, there are some items you don’t ever want to leave in a hot car for an extended period of time. If you do, it could leave a pretty big mess that you’ll have to clean up. Toyota of Orlando has put together a list of things you should never leave in your car during the summer heat in Orlando.

Avoid leaving these items in a hot car

Before we bring up the things you probably wouldn’t even think would be dangerous or messy to leave in a hot car, let’s talk about some obvious ones. It is extremely dangerous to leave kids and pets inside of a hot car! Temperatures rise quickly because of greenhouse gases and even just leaving them inside for a few minutes could be a deadly situation. So be sure to never leave pets or children in a car!

There are some more items that you should avoid leaving in a hot car in Orlando. Some of these include:


  • Medication: Leaving any sort of medicine in a hot car can be dangerous. The heat can make the ingredients being ineffective or even cause different side effects! Be sure to keep them out of the car this summer in Orlando.
  • Crayons: While crayons are a saving grace during road trips, if left in the car for too long they can melt and make a waxy mess. Be sure to keep them in a plastic bag wherever you put them.
  • Electronics: You can overheat your electronic pretty easily if you leave them in your Orlando vehicle during the summer. Overheating them could actually ruin them beyond repair.
  • Lighters: A disposable lighter has the ability to explode in a hot car, so definitely keep this with you at all times to avoid a dangerous and messy situation!
  • Food: Depending on the food, it can spoil and/or leave a mess when it’s in the heat. To avoid the possibility of stains, invest in a cooler! You can then use it for trips in Orlando hotspots or at the beach.
  • Plastic bottles: If you bought a drink that came in a plastic bottle and accidentally left it in the car, don’t drink from it again! The heat can cause toxins in the plastic to break down into the liquid.
  • Makeup: There’s nothing worse than having a favorite lipstick ruined because you forgot to take it out of the car. Keep your makeup in a cosmetic bag inside of a bag or backpack that you take with you!
  • Prescription glasses: The heat can warp the frames of your glasses, affecting the way they fit. You definitely don’t want that to happen after paying so much for them!
  • Aerosol items: Compressed aerosol cans can explode in the heat thanks to a buildup of pressure. Be sure to take them inside with you!

  • Enjoy fewer messes with Toyota of Orlando with these tips!

    If you remember to follow these suggestions on what not to leave in a hot car, you’ll have fewer messes to deal with in the car this summer. If you want more tips on staying safe and happy this summer or some cleaning supplies from our Toyota of Orlando parts store, visit us today! We’re located at 3575 Vineland Road, just off I-4 neat the Millenia Mall.



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