Sponsored Advertising: Make sure your car A/C is ready for summer with these auto service tips!

Summer has arrived - temps are soaring and the sun is stronger than ever! The last thing you want to do is ride around town in a car with an A/C that’s underperforming. Toyota of Orlando is here to get you sorted when it comes to cooling down - we can fix your A/C with affordable car repairs, and we can also help you pinpoint when an issue is arising! Let’s get started. 

Is your car A/C on its way out? 

When your air is about to give out on you, there are certain signs to be aware of so you can schedule auto repairs (at Toyota of Orlando, preferably) and get it back in tip-top shape. Check out these five giveaways that you need to make an appointment. 

1) Your system is blowing warm air. 
If your A/C system in your car refuses to blow cold air, it could be time for Orlando auto repairs. You may just need more refrigerant due to a leak, so our techs can check the levels and also scout out the system for potential leaks. 

2) Your system is blowing cold at first, but then warming up as you take on the road. 
Does your A/C feel nice and cold at first but then slowly warm up as you drive? This can be indicative of excess moisture in the system. This excess moisture is fine at first but as the system works, it ends up causing a freeze inside the system and prevents it from working. 

3) Your system won’t turn on at all! 
If your car A/C won’t turn on at all, you’ve obviously got a problem. It could mean the wiring is giving out, the compressor is broken, or some other component has kicked the bucket. Regardless, you’re going to need Orlando auto repairs to get everything up and running before you melt. 

Schedule your A/C auto repairs at Toyota of Orlando! 

4) You smell something out of the ordinary when you turn on your A/C. 
Does the interior of your car suddenly smell bad when you turn on the air-conditioning and let it run? You may
havemold or bacteria growing inside the system. Not only does it smell disgusting, it can also be bad for your health to breathe it in. Bring your ride to our Orlando auto repairs center to have our techs check it out and if necessary, clean your system out for you. 

5) You hear odd noises when you switch on your car A/C. 
Do you hear noises like banging or clunking when you turn on your air-conditioning? It’s definitely a warning sign that major issues are on the way and a big component of the system could be broken. Bring your car in for repairs as soon as possible to minimize the damage AND the bill. 

Ready to schedule those repairs? Schedule them with someone you trust - call Toyota of Orlando today at (407) 298-4501! We’re open seven days a week for your convenience at 3575 Vineland Road, just off I-4 near the Millenia Mall. 

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