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When it comes to driving around town and coming across road signs can be confusing. Yes, you passed your driver’s exam, but how long ago has it been? You probably have years on experience driving, but roads signs can be forgotten. However, road signs have very important meanings. They’re meant to guide your way around the streets, without them it’d be complete chaos! Our Clermont Toyota team wants to help you brush up on your road sign knowledge. That’s why we’ve created this guide! Check it out and understand the signs around town. 

Road sign knowledge and tips with Clermont Toyota! 

There are numerous road signs with completely different meanings! There is also different kind of road signs. There are regulatory road signs, warning signs, guiding signs, and more. You can distinguish what kind of sign they are by the shape and color. Our Clermont Toyota team wants to share some of the most common road signs you may come across and what they mean. 

Keep you road sign knowledge in check with our Clermont Toyota team!

No Parking 

You may be familiar with this sign. This is one of the regulatory signs! That means that it’s a law and it’s enforced. The no parking sign means that no parking is permitted at all in that selected area. It’s a white square sign with a bold and large “P” and a red circle and slash through it. If you spot this sign, you better find somewhere else to park your ride. 

Another example of a regulatory sign is the No U-turn sign. The No U-turn sign helps indicate that you’re unable to complete a u-turn at that intersection. Not only will you break the law by making a u-turn, it’s also very risky! The No U-turn sign is a white square with a u-shaped arrow with a red circle and slash across the arrow. However, if you come across the same sign without the red circle and slash, you ARE permitted to make a u-turn. 

Dead End

If you turn into a road that has a diamond shaped yellow sign that reads “DEAD END”, you’re entering a dead end. This is a warning sign that is telling you there is no other outlet from this road. The only way out is to turn back around. 

Another example of a warning sign is the railroad crossing sign. This sign is to let you know you’re approaching a railroad. It’s a yellow-circled shaped sign with a large black “X” in the middle with two “R’s” on the side. If you spot this sign proceed with caution. Speeding through railroads can damage your tires. 

There are many other roads signs out there! If you have any questions regarding road rules and road signs, feel free to contact our Clermont Toyota team. We want to make sure you’re knowledgeable and driving safely on the roads. Call our team seven days a week at (888) 590-6090. You can also visit Toyota of Clermont at 16851 State Road 50! 

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