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Summer brings many things: hot days, humid weather, thunderstorms, and hurricane season! Well it’s safe to say that summer has officially kicked off! We’ve pretty much experienced all of it in Central Florida already this year. That’s why our Clermont Toyota wants to share safe driving tips with you for the summer!

Clermont Toyota shares safe driving tips for summer time weather!

Living in Florida you experience your fair share of storms. Luckily, with tropical storms and hurricanes we get a few days of warning to prepare. However, there are those times in which storms take unexpected turn! A storm that was nowhere near your radar is now all of a sudden headed toward you! That’s why our Clermont Toyota team wants you to prep and be ready for what may come.

Don’t get stuck in the storm, use our Clermont Toyota safe driving tips!

As Floridians we tend to brave it out and stay during a storm. However, make sure you take the right measurements to protect you, your family, and your belongings. If you happen to be in the unfortunate event where you’re caught driving during a storm, our Clermont Toyota teams wants to share safe driving tips with you. Be ready and check it out!


  • Slow down – Make sure to significantly reduce your speed! In order to use safe driving in hurricane you must focus on the road at all times! One rough part about the storm isn’t the rain; it’s the strong winds. By keeping your speed low you’ll be able to manage your car better.
  • Avoid puddles – If you notice standing water or puddle on the road, avoid driving through it! Not only is it dangerous due to hydroplaning, you also don’t know how deep the water may be. It can cause car damages and leave you stuck.
  • Look out for wires – One thing that happens often during a storm is down power lines and wires. If you notice it, avoid driving near at all costs! You don’t know if power is still running and you may get yourself into terrible danger.
  • Don’t use cruise control – You need to have control of your Clermont Toyota! That’s why you SHOULDN’T use cruise control in bad weather. If you lose control while driving in a storm you can regain control quicker if you have your hands on the steering wheel and foot on the pedal. Using cruise control and only worsen the situation.
  • Seek shelter – If you’re on the road once the storm hits, seek shelter IMMEDIATELY! The best thing to do is get off the road and into a safe place. Look for a place with no large windows and low to the ground. Remain in the shelter until the storm has passed.

  • Hurricane season has officially started! Make sure you’re ready in case a storm hits and avoid driving during a storm at all costs! If you have any questions regarding safe driving in high winds, rain, and storm call our team at Clermont Toyota at (888) 590-6090.

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