Get your car axle in shape with Orlando auto repair!

When you get behind the wheel of your car and you feel a vibration when you speed up or turn, you may be facing car axle problems. You may not be familiar with the axle in your car, but it’s a crucial moving part in your car. If you’re in need of auto repair for your axle visit our Toyota Service Center in Orlando! Our highly trained Orlando Toyota techs can check what auto repairs you’re in need of. Not to mention, we have affordable deals on your car service. 

Get reliable axle auto repair at our Orlando Toyota Service Center! 

Are you familiar with what goes on under the hood of your car? If you’re not we’re here to help! Our Orlando Toyota certified techs are experts when it comes to any auto repair. That’s why if your car is acting up you should hurry and visit our Toyota Service Center in Orlando. 

How to determine if you need an Orlando auto repair? 

The car axle is an essential part of your car! It’s a very important moving part. If you’re experiencing any of the following you should hurry to our Orlando auto repair center

  • Clicking noise – Hearing a clicking noise when you’re behind the wheel can mean many things. One of them being car axle problems. However, if you drive a front-wheel drive car most of the times it means you’re wearing out your car axle and it might be on the verge of breaking. Bring it to our auto service center to have it checked and fixed. 
  • Vibrating – Does you steering wheel or car vibrate when you speed up or make turns? This is also another sign of serious wear and tear of the car axle. It’s on the verge of breaking! Avoid bigger issues and take your car to get repaired immediately!  
  • Greasy tires – If you look at your tires and you see black grease where it shouldn’t be, you may have cracked something. If it’s leaking grease you may be dealing with worse problems! Avoid it becoming a bigger performance issue and get your car axle repaired. 
  • Won’t move – One of the most obvious is if your car won’t move!  No one wants to experience that, it’s pretty scary situation. If your axle is broke then it’s able to transmit power to wheels, which is why the car won’t move. 

What is the car axle? 

Do you know what the car axle is and its functions in your car? The car axle is a long beam that connects your wheels to the gears in your transmission. It’s what transfers the power from your engine to your wheel to move your car. The car axles vary on what kind of vehicle you drive, such as all-wheel or front-wheel drive. Regardless you need functioning car axles to get your car into motion. 

If you think you’re need of auto repair for your car axle then visit our Toyota Service Center. You can schedule an appointment at (866) 945-0493 or visit us at 3575 Vineland Road! 

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