Have brake service done to avoid brake failure!

Imagine you’re driving down the road when the vehicles in front of you begin to slow down and stop. You try to follow suit by pressing on the brake pedal, but your car doesn’t slow down. You press your foot down as far as the pedal can go and –nothing. When you’re behind the wheel of a car, you don’t anticipate having to deal with sudden emergencies like brake failure. While it is not something that occurs often, the possibility of total brake failure is real and you should know what to do if it happens. 

Our auto service center in Orlando is giving safety tips for brake failure!

If you’re ever in the situation where your brakes completely go out, it’s important to remember not to panic. You make better and safer decisions when you are calm and prepared. Our Orlando Toyota service technicians are explaining what to do if you are ever facing brake failure while driving.

  • Slow down your car by taking your foot off the accelerator. Decreasing your speed allows you to have more reaction time.
  • Activate your hazard lights. Let other drivers know that your car is facing troubles. If you need to alert other motorists, use your car horn to get their attention.
  • Navigate your way out of traffic. Find a way out of moving traffic and pull off of the side of the road or into an empty parking. Direct your car away from other cars and other obstacles.
  • It’s important that you DO NOT turn off your car. 
  • Try the brakes again! Our Orlando brake service technicians suggest continuing to keep the brake pedal under pressure if you have an anti-lock brake system. For those without ABS brakes, attempt at tapping on the brakes.
  • Once your car has slowed down and you’re out of harm’s way, deploy your emergency brake. Your parking brake will bring your car to a stop as it uses a system of steel cables connected to your rear brakes so it will still work even in brake failure.

Once you’ve come to a safe stop, put your car in park, turn it off and call for help! It’s important that you do not attempt to drive your car again after brake failure. Instead, have it brought to our auto service center for brake service in Orlando.

Have brake service done at our Toyota Service Center!

Having your brakes go out completely is a scary experience, but it can be prevented with routine brake service. At our Orlando Toyota Service Center, we have professionally-trained auto service technicians who can fully inspect your brake system and ensure you are not faced with any issues.

If our Toyota brake service technicians do find any issues in your brake system, they can diagnose the problem and have it fixed in no time!

At Toyota of Clermont, we offer fast and affordable brake service! To have your brakes checked at our auto service center, visit us at 16851 State Road 50! We’re located between the Florida Turnpike and Highway 27!

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