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We often try to find ways in which to keep our car performing better and efficiently. However, there are times in which we do things that harm our vehicles without even knowing. One of those harmful things includes car idling. Do you know what car idling is? That’s when you sit in your vehicle for more than ten minutes with it on. Seems harmless, right? Actually it’s taking a toll on your ride and our Orlando auto service team wants to explain why. 

What happens when you idle your car?

Car idling is simply when you leave the engine or battery running for more than 10 minutes without actually driving. You’re probably doing this if you’re waiting for someone, going thru a drive-thru, or even sitting in traffic! Some of these may be preventable, but some aren’t. Our Orlando auto service team wants to explain to you what’s happening when you’re idling your car and what you can do to change it. 

Our Orlando auto service center share tips to service car idling

So what is happening to your car when you’re idling? Your car is being tricked into thinking it needs to work by having it on and not running. However, this makes the car work harder than it needs too! This results in taking a toll of the following: 

Gas – If you have the car on, then the engine is running and gas is burning! This means that you’re wasting you gas. Did you know that sitting ten minutes idle can cost you almost 25-30 miles of gas? That’s right. Save money and turn off the car! 

Oil – In order for your engine to run, it requires oil to run. However, the more oil your use the more the oil becomes contaminated. As it thickens, it makes the engine work harder and less efficiently. This mean you’ll be making more visits to our Orlando auto service center. 

Environment – Sitting car idle seriously harms the environment! Not only because you’re burning gas quickly, but because you’re wasting your car’s parts and they’ll need to be replaced quicker. Turn off the car and go green. 

Battery – If you think you’ll beat the system by turning off the engine and leaving the battery running, you’re not! That’s because with the engine on, the battery is being charged. However, with the engine off you’re wasting the charge on the battery. This can be tricky because if you use for an extended period of time, it can leave you with a dead car battery

Some ways to avoid sitting idle is by turning your car completely off when waiting for a friend, or perhaps waiting inside. If you’re sitting in traffic, try to find alternate routes to avoid bumper-to-bumper. Nowadays, vehicles are equipped with ECO driving modes; use those if you’re ever sitting idle for too long! 

If you have any auto service questions or want to get your ride back in shape, visit our Orlando Toyota Service center at 3575 Vineland Road. 

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