Orlando Toyota are equipped with the latest recommended safety features!

When it comes to staying safe on the road, there’s no substitute for safe driving. However, many new Toyota in Orlando come with some high-tech safety features that provide drivers with some extra peace of mind when on the road.

When you’re shopping for a new car at Toyota of Orlando, there are a lot of different factors that must be taken into consideration. For instance, if you’re going to be towing a trailer then you might want access to some extra features that would give you more stability and control when on the road. AutoTrader.com recently shared some new safety features that are important to have access to, and you can find all of these in the different cars Toyota produces!

Important safety features found in new Toyota 

When it comes to safety, drivers should always take responsibility for their car and practice safe techniques when behind the wheel. However, having some high-tech and dependable features that will keep you and your passengers safe is definitely important, too! Here are some praised mechanisms that your safe new Toyota in Orlando can come with that will help provide some extra peace of mind and security when you’re on the road. 
  • Anti-lock Brakes: Anti-lock Brakes (ABS) are actually part of the Toyota Star Safety System, which comes standard in every new car Toyota produces. It activates during panicked braking situation, which helps keep the car from locking up and minimizes the stopping distance. 
  • Side-Curtain Airbags: Side-curtain airbags are extremely beneficial for passengers because they’re designed to deploy if a side impact occurs. With side-curtain airbags, head injuries can be prevented because they stop passengers’ heads from hitting hard surfaces. 
  • Stability control: Traction control is important, and can also be found in cars Toyota produces, but stability control is another important form of safe driving help. Called Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) in new Toyota in Orlando, it reduces engine power and applies brake force to certain wheels. Basically, it helps the driver steer out of a skid and can even help prevent sliding! 
  • Parking Assist: If you’re ever in a situation where you could use a little bit of extra help when parking your car, then having a vehicle with parking assist features is greatly appreciated! Parking assist systems have also shown to be helpful in preventing back-over accidents where young children and pets can be easy to overlook at times. 
These recommended safety features can be found in a variety of new Toyota in Orlando, which means you can count on having some of the latest high-tech features to enjoy if you’re looking at one of the new cars on our lot!

Explore our safe new cars today!

If you’re concerned about your car having the latest safety features, why not opt to get a ride that’s shown time and again to be a safe option? Many cars that Toyota produces have been placed on the IIHS 2013 Top Safety Picks List! Give us a call at (888) 725-3520 to set up an appointment today!


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