New program helps young drivers stay safe in their new Toyota in Orlando!

Do you have a young adult who just got their license, or is getting ready to take their driving test? New statistics show that the first year a teen gets their license is actually one of the most dangerous times for them. 
Auto accidents are one of the leading causes of death for teenagers, which is obviously a point of concern for many parents. However, our Orlando Toyota dealership caught wind of a new program Toyota is launching to help young drivers stay safe behind the wheel! 


Toyota works to keep teenage drivers safe

Did you know that teens get most of their driving habits from their parents – and most of this comes from observation? Toyota has launched a new initiative called TeenDrive365 to help combat the statistic that the first year of driving is the most dangerous for teens, and to help parents give their young drivers the resources needed to stay safe when they’re in the car.  

Through the TeenDrive365 program, teens and parents have access to tools that provide important information about driving safety. Information about safe driving can also be found on social media and through many different online tools so that parents and teens can try to stay as safe as possible when on the road. 

Toyota is also launching different events so that new drivers can receive the help they need when it comes to staying safe when behind the wheel. What are some tips that parents can pass on to their teens to help them stay safe in their new Toyota



  • To begin with, it’s important to emphasize how important it is for drivers to stay focused when they’re behind the wheel of their new Toyota in Orlando. As hard as it is to put the phone down, teens and parents alike should put their phone to the side so that they can keep both hands on the wheel and eyes on the road at all times. Bluetooth technology is a feature that can be found in many new cars now, which means if a phone call has to be made then it can be accessed wirelessly!
  • Being aware of surroundings is another important part of staying safe when on the road. Some new vehicles are equipped with Blind Spot Monitors, which can help let drivers know if a vehicle is in the lane next to them. However, don’t forget to watch out for pedestrians and to also pay close attention when in school zones or approaching crosswalks. 
  • The importance of limiting distractions also can’t be emphasized. Driving when tired can be extremely dangerous, and passengers can even distract drivers from focusing on the road as well. 


Stay safe in your new Toyota in Orlando!

No matter what age the driver is, they aren’t alone in trying to stay safe and secure when on the road. With features such as the Toyota Star Safety System, a backup camera, advanced airbag systems and more, each new Toyota in Orlando comes with many different features to keep everyone as safe as possible. Want to learn more about the safety technology that can come in your new Toyota in Orlando? Give us a call at (888) 725-3520 today!




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