Remember defensive driving when in the Toyota Prius!



You should always think about safety when on the road. Your safety not only depends on the car you drive, but it also depends on you! This means you want to think about the level of safety your new Toyota in Orlando has to offer and your driving habits. To heighten your safety on the road, you may want to take up defensive driving in Orlando



Orlando Toyota Prius safety features help keep you safe

Before we get into our defensive driving tips, we’re explaining how the Orlando Toyota Prius can help keep you safe! This new Toyota hybrid is packed with advanced safety features that can help you avoid accidents and minimize the dangers of getting into one! Some of the safety features offered in this Orlando Toyota include: 



  • Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, which will automatically slow down your car when you’re in cruise control and get too close to the vehicle in front of you
  • Lane Keep Assist, which will warn you when you’re leaving your lane unexpectedly and even provide some coercive steering 
  • Pre-Collision System, which will help you avoid a collision and reduce the effects of it by applying the brakes and retracting the seat belt
  • Seven airbags, which will help keep you safe in the event of a collision and minimize the chance of getting hurt
  • Safety Connect, which provides help at the push of a button




Get tips for staying safe with defensive driving

You can count on this Orlando Toyota hybrid to provide safety, but you also have to actively think about safety when driving. You can do this by using defensive driving. This is when you use certain driving techniques to detect road hazards and avoid them. Here are some of our defensive driving tips from Toyota of Orlando:




  • Maintain a buffer zone: You never want to drive too closely to other cars when defensive driving. You can predict what you’re going to do, but you never know when another car can lose control or stop suddenly. This is why you should leave some extra space between your car and other vehicles around you! This will give you more time to react to unexpected moves.
  • Watch out for other cars: Like we said, you never know when another car can do something dangerous while on the road. One of the most common times people get into an accident is when they’re switching lanes. This is why you should pay extra attention when you see vehicle near you making this move, especially if you might be in their blind spot!
  • Don’t text while driving: Another defensive driving tip is to stop texting while driving, as this is extremely dangerous! Thousands of accidents are caused each year by this, which is why you want to avoid doing it! Put your cell phone away until you arrive at your destination.

Come check out the 2015 Toyota Prius and our other safe options today! We’re located at 3575 Vineland Rd. near the Mall at Millenia. You can also find more defensive driving tips on the Toyota of Orlando website!

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