Parents concerned over naming of school

- Some mothers are concerned about PMS, but not in the way you'd normally hear about it.

"Parents are just nervous about it. More than anything they're already showing they're embarrassed for the kids that have to go there," said Tiffany Comiskey. 

Comiskey is talking about the name of a new school that's not even open yet. The district wants to call it Innovation Park Middle School, which would also be referred to as, IPMS.

"My biggest issue is the acronym IPMS. PMS is bad enough, but throwing an I in there, really throws the finger at the kids that are going there."

More than 200 parents have signed this petition to get the name changed, saying the embarrassing acronym would be placed on things like school uniforms. Parent Chris Clark is collecting the signatures.

"Obviously, the name of IPMS is going to be one of ridicule for our school and we don't want that for our students," Clark said.

We asked her daughter, Lexi, what she thought.

"I didn't know what it meant, but once I found out I was a little shocked at it."

PMS stands for premenstrual syndrome. It's a medical term for symptoms a woman gets before her period.

Comiskey told school board members, "I have a 6th-grader who is a girl and who is going through the changes that most girls are going through this age, not only physically but emotionally and she's very sensitive just like her mom."

That's why these moms are trying to convince the Orange County School Board to change the name.  

"I heard their concerns, and we certainly don't want a school that starts off with a negative atmosphere or teasing," said board member Daryl Flynn.

Lexi doesn't want that either,

"I think the boys at the other schools may think down of the name."

Comiskey added, "It's going to spill down to the children, and they're going to continue teasing each other."

The board will talk about the name change on April 4.

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