Orlando hotel owners react to Las Vegas shooting

- Safety and security is on the minds of owners of attractions and hotel in Orlando following the deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Over at I-Drive 360, owner Chuck Wittall of Unicorp National Developments, says security is always a priority. But after the shooting in Vegas, he realizes there's only so much a company can do.

"I think it's good they're doing things to protect people and everybody should be doing everything to protect people but I don't think we can protect ourselves against crazy and that's what we're dealing with."

He says he's alerted hotel employees to be on alert and pay attention if something looks odd.

"The people at hotels need to keep their eyes open and report more. Like I heard this morning he had 10 pieces of luggage that he took into a room. I'd find that unusual if I was at the front desk. Maybe the maid could have recognized and noticed." 

He's also says having more security during bigger events is crucial.

"Maybe during instances like that you do have extra security and scanning and metal detectors. Because all these things that happen, they're generally praying on bigger events." 

Wittall plans to be at the Wynn Hotel in Vegas next week, where they've already put out metal detectors for both guests and their luggage. While he doesn't think it's needed here in Orlando, he realizes it does make people feel safe.

"I understand why we have to and won't get upset over it. Like we do at airports, but it's really a shame that people act like this."

We also talked to Westgate Resorts COO Mark Waltrip who says, every hotel is different, but he too believes, there's other ways to secure a resort and casino.

"I think it has the level of providing some kind of security but at the same time it provides discomfort to the guests and makes them scared.We have a strong presence in all our resorts, both Orlando and here. Both visible uniformed security as well as armed uninformed security."

Waltrip headed to Vegas with his crew after the shooting occurred to make sure everyone was ok at his resort there.

"We've only had one guest injured, but appears will be ok. But we've had multiple friends and family of our team members have been impacted by it."

He says new technology will allow them to see if a person has a weapon on their property.

"Consolidating in phases this year which will allow us to intercept and identify who enters our property with any kind of weapon or any kind of gun, knife, whatever. We were the new test site for the new patriot gun and weapon detection system that is currently coming to market and we're first in line to receive that product."

He says what happened is devastating.

"We're praying this is a lone wolf at the same time we're buckling down and preparing for the worst."

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