Residents aim to protect themselves amid recent nationwide shootings

Owner Forrest Buckwald of Buck's Gun rack in Daytona Beach, he says as his customers react to the recent active shooter situations in Paris, Colorado and now San Bernadino, gun sales at his shop have been through the roof.
"We're seeing an enormous uptick in business, unrelated to the holiday shopping season, people are scared,” Buckwald said.
He says most of the sales have been from handguns used for personal protection, they've also seen and uptick in first time gun owners. 
"People are concerned about the possibility of terrorism the increasing random violence that we're seeing in the United States and they're looking for something to be able to defend themselves with," Buckwald said.
And it's not just weapons people are using to try and protect themselves, it's also training.
"It's important to have the proper skill sets so that if you find yourself in an active threat situation, you can do something to increase your odds for successful outcome,” said. Capt. Lance Blanchette
Daytona Beach police have started holding training seminars to educate the public on what to do in an active threat situations.
"The frequency for these things are probably going to increase," Blanchette said.
During the seminar they emphasize three ways to react, “run hide or fight,” during their last seminar more than 100 people attended.
“You need to know where to run, you need to know what to do before you run, the hide you need to know where to hide, you need to know what to hid behind and things to increase your safety if you hide and the fight," Blanchette said.
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