Grayson files 'Nuclear Sanity Act' in response to Trump remarks

- Florida Congressman Alan Grayson has filed the Nuclear Sanity Act in response to growing concern over President-elect Trump's recent series of "Bomb, Baby, Bomb" pro-nuke mad libs.

The bill requires approval by the Secretaries of Defense and State before the U.S. launches nuclear war, unless U.S. territory is under attack by a foreign military.

"We need to take the nuclear football out of Trump's hands, before he fumbles it," Grayson said.

This bill was filed on the heels of Trump's bizarre call for U.S. nuclear expansion and statements that the U.S. will "outmatch" and "outlast" any nuclear adversary.

"What part of the phrase 'mutual assured destruction' does Trump not get?" Grayson said.

Neither the Constitution nor the U.S. Code currently curbs the President's ability to launch nuclear weapons.

"We need to place someone or something between Donald Trump's impulses and Armageddon. When it comes to demonstrating Trump's recklessness, we don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud." Grayson said.

"If any finger rests on the nuclear button, it shouldn't be Trump's extended middle one."

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