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Maria is now a category 3 hurricane, lashing out at the Caribbean

  • Death investigation after bodies found in home

  • Gas station owner could face charges

  • State suspends license of Broward nursing home

  • Irma debris still lining Central Florida roads

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More Local News

  • Bones discovered in DeLeon Springs

  • State suspends license of Broward nursing home

  • Efforts underway to restock UCF food pantry

  • AMBER ALERT: 4 children missing from Manatee Co.

Florida News

  • USF to seek state money as med school moves ahead

  • AMBER ALERT: 4 children missing from Manatee Co.

  • Out-of-town linemen receive send-off in Lakeland

  • TECO worker offers reward for lost wedding band

US and World News

  • Courtesy: Pierce Mettler

    Phoenix man touring Mexico helping out with earthquake rescue efforts

  • Female prisoners in North Korean camps raped and executed, their babies fed to dogs, report says

  • Body found at collapsed Mexico school; girl still trapped

  • Lawsuit claims Equifax put small businesses in danger


  • Beyonce's 'Lemonade' vinyl mistakenly included punk band songs

  • Jake LaMotta, boxer who inspired 'Raging Bull,' dies at 95

  • O.J. Simpson's post prison plans

  • Harlem Globetrotters lending a hand to Harvey recovery effort


  • Democrat Dominguez to run in Florida House special election

  • DC looking into proposal of setting up supervised injection sites for drug users

  • Arizona congressman arrested outside Trump Tower

  • President Trump wants parade to showcase military might in DC on July 4th

Unusual News

  • Medical marijuana plants stolen in break-ins

  • VIDEO: Woman beats another driver in middle of Pasco roadway

  • Police investigate attack on man with physical disability outside Target store

  • Woman gets 10 years for putting nail polish remover in baby's bottle

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'Pay with GasBuddy' touts savings at the pump

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    'Pay with GasBuddy' touts savings at the pump

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    Cocoa gas station owner could face charges

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    Hurricanes causing rough surf along Florida coast

  • FOX 35 News

    2 bodies found in Orange County home

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    Goodwill and American Red Cross team up for Irma relief

  • FOX 35 News

    Desperate to reach family and friends in Puerto Rico

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