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Time is Money and E-PASS Helps You Save Both

No more stopping to pay tolls. No more fumbling for cash at toll booths. Save money with exclusive toll discounts. Signing up for E-PASS is easy.

E-PASS is an electronic toll-collection system that makes the Central Florida Expressway system the non-stop way to go for commuters. With E-PASS, you will breeze through toll plazas and express lanes while automatically paying tolls at discounted rates.

How much could you save with E-PASS? A lot! E-PASS customers save an average of 23% over cash-paying customers. Plus, E-PASS’s Customer Loyalty Program can save drivers as much as an additional 15% per month.

But wait. There's more! While the I-4 Ultimate Project is under way, E-PASS customers traveling on the Central Florida Beltway get a "Beltway Discount." Pay 20 or more tolls a month with E-PASS on SR 429, SR 417 and SR 414 and you’ll receive an extra discount of 5%.

E-PASS Transactions Per Month
on CFX Expressways
Customer Loyalty Discount Beltway Discount* Total Discount
20-39 CFX Tolls 0 5% 5%
40-79 CFX Tolls 10% 5% 15%
80+ CFX Tolls 15% 5% 20%

*Conditioned on actual revenues trending 2%+ above March 205 projections for the 6 year I-4 Ultimate construction period. Beltway discount only applied to CFX Portions of SR 417, SR 429 and SR 414.

You are automatically eligible to receive these exclusive discounts when you sign up for E-PASS.

Additionally, E-PASS is accepted on all toll roads throughout Florida, Georgia and North Carolina, and you can use it to automatically pay for parking at Orlando International Airport.

Now let's review: With E-PASS, you say goodbye to stopping at toll booths and hello to saving money on tolls. But here's the kicker – you can get an E-PASS sticker for FREE and there are no monthly account fees.

Ready to sign up for E-PASS? Sure, you are.

Order E-PASS:

Life's better with E-PASS.

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